Monday, June 19, 2017

Small projects and an addition

  This week  I worked on putting together 2 small projects that were unearthed recently.
   I found a huge pile of 3 1/2'' squares and it made sense to make wonky stars to go along with them.   Star points are long, or fat, match or not.....that is the fun part of this technique.  I thought I had 12 stars but only 9 were found.  That is fine....just add more squares to get a nice lap size.   If I add a border it will make a good donation size single quilt.

   String blocks in two sizes were used to up-size the raw edge flower blocks.  The inner blocks were 6 1/2'' to match the flower block size.    Then I added an insert border strip of 1 1/2'' in purple :)  The outer border is 4'' string blocks that were left over from some long ago project.  I did not have enough to go all the way around----and even if I did the sizing would have been off.     So rather than have to cut something off and make it awkward,  I centered the strings and added enough neutral fabric to finish each side.    I love the soft effect the string blocks add to it.

  We made a day trip to see our daughter who was in Charlotte for the weekend.  We met at an antique mall in Belmont, NC.    I had not intended to look for anything special but this small china cabinet jumped up, hooted and hollered, and hitched a ride in our van!  Of course it is re-purposed and not used for china, but for place mats, table runners, and my stack of mug rugs!  A candle and a few cookbooks found a spot too.
   Oh, yeah....the visit with Deana was great!  Actually, she wanted the cabinet, but she must wait her turn for ownership.  We enjoyed the browsing and time together.  Lunch at a BBQ place across the street was a good thing too.

She gifted me with more fabrics....from her estate sale ventures.   Fat quarter packs--one of batiks,  a charm pack, along with some yardage pieces for backings.  Always fun to see what she discovers.

  The high heat and humidity seem to have moved in for the  feels like August and makes me so draggy.    Therefore, I have not been too productive.  Plus, my brother and nephew arrived for a week.  It is always good to enjoy Remy's antics and energy!   Today, we are off to do some errands before the heat causes me to melt.
Happy stitching.


  1. I love how creative you were in finishing the flower quilt and I can see what the china cabinet called to you.

  2. I love the china cabinet and of course you put it to better use than its intended use.

    I saw on the weather map that when the heat and humidity left us for a few days that it was firmly planted over your area.

  3. Great finish with your "found" blocks. I really like the look of the flower blocks; very pretty! As I scrolled down to read more, your china cabinet caught my eye. Before reading more, I looked over at a tall open shelf in my sunroom. (I call it my chicken shelf; it's covered with my chickens and birds collections.) I measured its width: 32". Hmmm, maybe I could replace it with a china cabinet to store more quilts in, you think? I may need to go antiquing too! I love your china cabinet! ---"Love"

  4. The wonky stars are fun--the really appear to twinkle.
    I love the way you pulled the flower blocks together. The border treatment was a stroke of brilliance. : )
    Great find on the cabinet!!

  5. Love the wonky star quilt. I have been making wonky stars as leader-enders from 2" light blocks and print scraps, so I must be backwards. Wish I had antique malls near me. Love your new cabinet. I always wanted a barrister's bookcase to keep my folded quilts in. Pace yourself in the heat.

  6. The WOnky WIshes block is so fun to play with and glad you took liberty to change it up to get a finish. Wonderful China cabinet to add to your decor. Slow down with the heat - we are on tornado watch (Yes, in NY) for the next couple of days.

  7. Oh I like how you've set the raw edge flower blocks, really nice! Great idea for the china cabinet, we have a tall one in our sitting room, I think I might just have to re-purpose mine.

  8. Both of your little tops are fun, but my favorite is that string block/flower combo. The setting is pure genius! Can't wait to see how you decide to quilt this one. We've had the heat and humidity here too, now cooler but just as humid, everything feels sticky. It is energy draining for sure.

  9. You know I love the wonky stars, but the flowers really grabbed my attention. That inner border that doesn't contain the quilt is so great, I couldn't stop looking at it. Yay! for a good visit with Deana and more company of people you love soon. Heat and humidity, if you add huge swarms of mosquitoes and those annoying tropical depressions you've got paradise, LOL.

  10. It is hard to be productive in the heat. My sewing room is the hottest room in the house (about 4-10+ degrees warmer than anywhere else in the house). I have 3 fans going all the time in there. It slows me down. Looks like you've made some pretty things. Always good to get to see our kids.

  11. I really like that blue inner border on the flower quilt! I agree that the humidity just wears you down, too. We've both been sleeping more because we're so tired and sticky at the end of the day.


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