Saturday, December 8, 2012

Need more photo space?

  Whether you know it or not, you have a Picasa web album space on Google if you have a blog with photos.  That is where the photos we upload to our blogs are stored......and if we go over the limit in size there is a charge.  One of those very pesky things that is in the very tiny fine print that we probably never got to reading when our blog was set up / modified in blogger changes.   I don't have ads on my blog, so why would I want to pay for photo space?   All those monthly charges are less fabric and thread I can purchase!
So here is how I am solving the situation for now......

  1.   Find your web  is the place to look.   Check the very bottom of your page and you should see  the amount of storage you are using.  I was around 60% and figured out how to reduce this without deleting photos.
   2.   This is time consuming but worth the effort.  Click on an album and bring up a photo.  On the right hand side of the page you will see the photo size shown.  If it is over 800 x 800 pixels you are using storage space.  So click on "Actions", and then on "edit in creative kit".  This will bring up the online editor and your photo.
  3.   Click "Resize"  on the left side of the page.  Change the largest pixel size to 800 and mark the "keep proportion" box.   Click apply.
  4.   Then you need to click on "Save to my Album" in the upper right corner.  A pop up box appears.....I choose "Replace"  photo in the album.   You will be returned to your web albums.
  I am working my way through the albums.....don't ask me why so many because I do not know.    My usage  is being reduced bit by bit, and I have 2 more large albums to go through.   As for current and new photos that I add.....I am making sure the upload size is reduced prior to putting on my blog.  But that's another story and there are much better explanations on other blogs on how to accomplish that.    


  1. Thanks for adding this to the discussion, Debbie. You make it crystal clear!
    best, nadia

  2. Thanks....I didn't know I could do that.. I am saving some more space now. I wasn't way high on usage...but....every bit (and byte) counts.

  3. Oh thank you... appreciate the internet technology lesson, especially in language I understand :)

  4. Thanks for this clear direction on how to reduce usage, Debbie!

  5. Thanks Debbie! I just received a notice that I was up to my limit and needed to purchase more storage. Google did inform me that anything we upload that is under 700 px on each side IS NOT counted as part of our storage limit in picasa. So that's what I've been doing for now and have had no trouble uploading them. I wish I'd known before I filled up my space though because I like to have the option of posting high quality photos in my gallery. So I'll try your suggestion to reduce my storage (good timing for me). Another option google mentioned is to store them on Google Drive which has 5 times the free storage as Picasa (but I wanted to check it out first around privacy settings etc.)

  6. Thanks for the info, Debbie. I'm still in pretty good shape, but it's nice to have a better understanding of the limitations we must work within.

  7. Thanks Debbie...I just maxed out my storage this week. Someone suggested to me that I could upload my pictures to. Flickr account and link it in from there too. Another option to explore....Guess I will be busy for the next few days!

  8. I was just informed last week of this info, as long as your photo is 800X600 or smaller it does NOT count towards your stage limit. I soooooooooo wished someone would have told me this before I add a billion pictures! Slowly but surely I am resizing all of mine too. I received the info after I deleted over a hundred photos, which show up as black boxes with a white dash in them now on my blog, urgh! I am still investigating the Flickr info, because I use Flickr for Threadbias, then I wouldn't have to upload them to two different places for different websites I am using.

  9. Thanks for this post, Deb. I have passed 50% and I have a blog pal who has recently reached 100%. I suggested to her to do just what you are suggesting; I'll send her the link -- I'm sure it will help!


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